Drinking Vessels

Photographed by Lan Yang

1  The form of the vessels is taken from the era when tea was prevalent.

2 The glaze work gives them a modern modification.

3 I imagine the venue of this matcha tea set to be a space where past and present collaborate.

Instead of bringing people back to history, I want to bring history to people.

5 I imagine this tea set travel through time, changing itself to be presented to  present times.

6 In this project, the challenge was to bring cohesiveness between two spaces. I think what works for the final outcome is the completeness of the composition and the consistency of the aesthetics.

I was successful in combining the forms from the ancient era with a touch of modernism that is presented through the glaze.

They together create a space where users can travel through time, having a sip of the past and the present time.

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